English Tureen

English Tureen


John Maddock & Sons Ltd. Royal Vitreous

Turn of the Century tureen & lid measuring 11" x 9.5".  

Off white with minature roses and gilt trim.  Lid handle 'flower'.

Very good condition.   Free shipping to any location in the continental US!


John Maddock and Sons royal vitreous pottery is a well-known and highly sought after category of antique pottery. Produced by the John Maddock and Sons company, this pottery is known for its ornate designs and superior craftsmanship. Founded in 1842, it was known only as J. Maddock until 1855, when it became known as J. Maddock and Son. Then, in it 1870, it became known as J. Maddock and Sons. Many of the manufacturer's seals on the pottery give the full name of the company, and it is accordingly possible to date early J. Maddock pieces by the name used on the official seal. Production of original J. Maddock and Sons royal pottery continued until the mid-1960s.John Maddock began producing fine china under his family name in the town of Burslem in 1842. Burslem is one of the six towns that amalgamated to form the city of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England. They are no longer in operation (was known to be in operation in the mid-1960's).